Koenix: New Album!

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Seuil de financement Montant minimum qui doit être atteint pour que le projet aboutisse et que l’initiateur reçoive les fonds promis.
7'000 CHF

Objectif de financement 1. Fundinggoal covers recording 2. Fundinggoal covers cd production
14'000 CHF

Période de financement Période pendant laquelle vous pouvez soutenir le projet.
05.07.21 - 15.08.21

Période de réalisation Période pendant laquelle l’initiateur du projet aimerait mettre en œuvre son projet.
September 2021-March 2022

A propos de notre projet

Twelve new songs from Otherworld, music that makes you fly and dream, where you forget that something like time exists - immersed in the moment: That's our goal. The tunes are written. We are excited and can't wait to present them to you. Due to lack of concerts in the last two years we are facing the hurdle of studio and production costs. But you can help us!

En quoi consiste ce projet?

In September 2021 we would like to record our sixth studio album - it is to be released on March 18, 2022. In order to be able to cover the production costs, we are dependent on your help this time. What do you get out of it? You will not only enjoy new music from the Koenix song factory, but also a number of selected thank-you gifts.

Quels sont les objectifs et le groupe cible?

You like the music of Koenix? Or you are generally interested in alternative, danceable music? Maybe you haven't spent much on concert tickets in the last two years and still have some left over in your petty cash? With a contribution here you can help us. We'll pay it back with a fantastic album - and a breathtaking live show.

Pourquoi soutenir ce projet?

For your support we will return the favor with various goodies: Of course the new album as CD, the exclusive crowdfunding shirt, the limited album box, signed instrument parts, a raclette dinner or even a house concert. And if there is nothing for you, you are welcome to support us with a free contribution. Every Swiss Franc, every Euro, every Swedish Crown helps us enormously. We are already infinitely grateful for your support!

Qu’advient-il de l’argent si le financement est réussi?

This crowdfunding is to finance our latest album production. We don't want to compromise - instead treat you with the best possible sound. Your support will enable us to record in the studio, pay for professional mixdown and mastering, produce physical albums and make them available on popular digital platforms. The funding goal covers at least the greater part of our expenses and allows us to unleash the brand new sound on the world on March 28, 2022: Even more danceable, even more rhythmic, even more magical.

Qui est à l’origine du projet?

We are four musicians from Switzerland. What makes us unique? Exotic instruments like bagpipes, sitar, dulcimer; extremely danceable beats and arrangements, songs in different languages, often in Swiss German, a mixture of folk, medieval, ska and trance.

Quel est le seuil de financement?

1. Fundinggoal covers recording 2. Fundinggoal covers cd production



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Michael Hugi
Bernstr. 27a
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